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Why we love twins !

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Why we love twins ! There are so many positive things about having twins. We'd love for you to share yours. Scroll down to tell the world why you love your twins, and read other parents stories!

The thing is, sometimes it's hard to remember what any of those things are when your twin toddlers have been on a hurricane rampage all day. Or maybe you've just changed your 11th diaper and you haven't even had your coffee yet. Or maybe the twin babies on the floor that are both trying to outscream each other have given you a nervous tick and it's all you can do to keep from running away down the street!

Best thing to remember - and realize - is that they will grow up. Too fast! From the time they come home till they turn about 3 years old - your whole world will be upside down, messy, revolving around diapers, feedings, potty's, toys, and crying, and whining, and the list goes on and on. And then you blink and they are kids - not babies, not toddlers and things settle down in a big way. Take a deep breath and try not to spend the first few years stressing over the little things that can and will go wrong on a daily basis.( Just advice from someone whose been there. ) Try to focus on the positive and remember that it gets easier !

The ABC's of Raising Twins

identical twin girls

Why we love twins for parents !

For one thing , chances are that you and your husband have become - or will become , a really good tag team. After a couple of years with twins the two of you will work together like a well oiled machine. Even though they may have been around for the birth and raising of another child or two, with twins, husbands play a much greater role in raising them, feeding them , changing them , and generally just are more a part of their lives through sheer necessity !

You've also probably become very creative in your approach to parenting. Parents of twins are more patient, more organized , more able to plan ahead for anything to go wrong , have a great sense of humor and balance. Again, these are things that having twins teaches you - you are generally going to be slightly out of control for a while , and when you make it though the toddler years and survive - you'll see what you've accomplished ! Your entire family has learned to work together to cope with everything as a unit , a larger family , and that makes you unique and special. You may have found more support than you realized from your extended families as well.

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Why we love twins - here are some positive generalizations about twins

Twins are confident, supportive, creative, balanced , giving and generous ! They have never known loneliness. They have learned to share, wait, take turns, care for, empathize with, play with, fight with and support each other since birth . They have developed their social skills early on because of their twinship. They know how to form strong bonds and relationships. They are loyal. Trust your twins and trust their relationship with each other. They will adjust and balance themselves as needed.

My twins are almost 3 years old now and surprisingly this gives me freedom like I didn't have with my singleton children. They wake each other in the morning, keep each other in check with the 'rules' , eat together, generally between the 2 of them are actually staying out of trouble. ( Unlike when they were 2 and doubling up to GET into trouble !) They always have a playmate so they are not so dependent on mommy keeping them busy or entertained. It has actually freed up my time enough in order to build this website ! ( that's a HUGE positive!)

So - depending on where you are in the raising of your twins, just know that as they grow, things do get easier. You stop feeling so overwhelmed and things settle down to feel 'normal' for your family. They truly are a double-blessing that we are grateful for every day !

identical twin girls dressed as princesses

Why do you love having twins?

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