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The Raising Twins Blog is all about life with twins and having everything turned upside down ! This twin mom works at home full time while managing the chaos of raising toddler twins and two older kids, a hubby, a puppy and assorted fish and small animals. Come and learn, laugh and share along with us as we have fun and offer support to other families who are pregnant with twins or currently raising twins of all ages.

Add your comments and your stories, pictures and advice about raising twins! Our readers have so much to share and are the best qualified to teach other twin parents, because they've been there - done that!

This blog details all the changes and happenings here at Raising Twins, and something new is always going on. Our growing twin-specific website now also has a huge community of it's own, so join in meet and learn from other twin families, whether you are pregnant with twins,or already a parent of twins.

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I'm 7 months pregnant with twins - 28 weeks

It's been 7 months now and I can feel my twin boys playing inside me :) My doctor told me that they will grow bigger in my last trimester, which I'm very

Continue reading "I'm 7 months pregnant with twins - 28 weeks"

Twin Belly Progression From 5 to 22 weeks :)

Here's a progression of my pregnancy with fraternal twin boys!! This only shows my twin belly to 22 weeks, but I made it to 32weeks pregnant before I delivered

Continue reading "Twin Belly Progression From 5 to 22 weeks :)"

19 weeks pregnant with twins :)

I am 19 weeks along with our boy/girl twins! They are both healthy and we couldn't be more excited!!!

Continue reading "19 weeks pregnant with twins :)"

29 weeks pregnant with identical twin boys

I'm 22, this is my second pregnancy, I have a 2 1/2 yr old son. We found out we were having twins when I was 12 weeks pregnant, which was quite a shock!

Continue reading "29 weeks pregnant with identical twin boys "

36 Weeks Pregnant with Fraternal Boy/Boy twins

I had my boys at exactly 37 weeks, no twin pregnancy complications and a very fast vaginal delivery. I feel truly blessed and even though the twin pregnancy

Continue reading "36 Weeks Pregnant with Fraternal Boy/Boy twins"

My belly after twins.

My name's Jessie. It's been 10 months since I've had my twin babies, and I can honestly say my stomach has me very self-conscious and depressed. Yes, I

Continue reading "My belly after twins."


I had a scan at 6 weeks which confirmed I was having twins...even as the lady said it I didn't flinch as it didn't register! My hubby and our youngest

Continue reading "TWINS...REALLY???"

Breastfeeding my Twincesses at 2.5 yrs

In a few days my Twincesses will be two and a half years old. My goal was to breastfeed my twins till 2 years, but we've exceeded that now. *happy dance*

Continue reading "Breastfeeding my Twincesses at 2.5 yrs"

13 weeks, 5 days Pregnant with Twins!

After many failed appointments with our previous doctor, and feeling like we were never going to get any test we finally switched to a new location. We

Continue reading "13 weeks, 5 days Pregnant with Twins!"

Unplanned First Pregnancy turns out to be TWINS!

Hi, I am Samantha, a youngin of 19 years old, and having twins. :) I actually just found out last night when i went to the E.R. This is my first pregnancy,

Continue reading "Unplanned First Pregnancy turns out to be TWINS!"

VBAC with Twins

I had a c-section 2 years ago with my son and now 23 weeks pregnant with my twin girls. I am currently doctoring at a large hospital and my doctor would

Continue reading "VBAC with Twins"

First time pregnant and its TWINS!!

Hi all, I'm new to this whole blog thing. never done this before. I'm 35, first time pregnant and Monday we found out that we are having fraternal twins!

Continue reading "First time pregnant and its TWINS!!"

Seven Months Pregnant With Twins

I had a miscarriage with my first child 1 1/2 years ago, and now I am seven months pregnant with twins - boys, but since recently I have been experiencing,

Continue reading "Seven Months Pregnant With Twins"

Twin pregnancy with only one placenta.....

Im a mother of a beautiful 3 year girl, i'm pregnant know with a set of twins I'm currently 12 weeks and 1 day, I went for an ultrasound appointment yesterday

Continue reading "Twin pregnancy with only one placenta....."

Just found out we're having twins!

I just found out today that we are pregnant with twins! Going out with with a double blessing and a bang! WOW! I thought I would break down and cry, but

Continue reading "Just found out we're having twins!"

Our bonus baby -pregnant with twins

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for about 2 years. As it turned out we needed some help which resulted in 4 IVF procedure cycles. On all cycles

Continue reading "Our bonus baby -pregnant with twins"

Pregnant with Twins at 44 years old

I had been trying to conceive for over a year...clomid, IUI without success. I decided to go the IVF procedure route this May 2012. I planned a month long

Continue reading "Pregnant with Twins at 44 years old"

My body after having twins -not so bad!

Considering I'm a mother of 5, I think I'm lucky. I'm a petite woman, and after each pregnancy I went back to my pre-prego body, I think breastfeeding

Continue reading "My body after having twins -not so bad!"

3 Important Tips in Caring for Twins

Having two bundles of joy to care for is both challenging and interesting. Unlike other new parents out there, you have double the blessing. Your two new

Continue reading "3 Important Tips in Caring for Twins "

Help 9 month old twin girls, one not sleeping at all!

Hi, I have a major sleep issue with one of my twin baby girls, she will hardly ever take a nap in the day and when it comes to bedtime she settles to sleep

Continue reading "Help 9 month old twin girls, one not sleeping at all!"

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