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Chariot CX2 twin stroller review

by Jeff Valliere
(Louisville, Co)

Running in Boulder Colorado

Running in Boulder Colorado

The Chariot is ideal for the active family who refuses to let having twins slow them down, as it can be used as a stroller, baby jogger, bike trailer, ski trailer and pull along chariot.

The top of the line CX2 is extremely well thought out and keeps your children safe and comfortable.

It has extremely comfortable seats where you can add headrests for smaller kids to keep their heads from bouncing, add a sling for small babies, or a bunting bag for newborns.

The canopy has several modes where you can have just a tinted sunshade, add a full zip screen and zip down a full length plastic wind/rain shield. There are also tinted side panels that zip all the way off, or partially off for customizable ventilation. This works great for keeping the kids shaded and ventilated on hot days and works equally well at keeping them warm when all zipped up on cold and windy Winter days.

The handle bar of the Chariot has multiple hand positions and a huge selling point for me was that the CX line has a hand brake that operates dual drum brakes which adds a higher level of safety if you walk/run in hilly terrain.

Storage is plentiful with a fold down storage compartment in the rear, mesh pockets behind the seats and a handlebar bag that converts to a child backpack.

Suspension on the chariot is easy to adjust and makes for a very smooth ride.

The CX2 weighs a bit over 30 lbs and fits through most standard doors with a little patience and creativity.

Converting between different modes (stroll to bike to jog) is very easy and intuitive and once you have done it a few times, only takes a minute or so.

The CX2 easily slides into the back of a mini van or small SUV without having to fold (though you have to remove the wheels), but easily folds to a reasonable size if you have a smaller vehicle or want to take it on an extended trip.

Chariot carriers are a little pricey, but if you happen to be an REI member, you can get one for 20% off at certain times of the year. In my opinion, they are worth every penny, as we have gotten untold hours of use in the past 2 years since our twins were ~5 months old and expect to get another few years out of it (primarily as a bike trailer for the remainder). Additionally, if you keep them in reasonable condition, they have a high resale value and you can expect to get ~75% of your purchase price back when you sell.

I can’t recommend these strongly enough, as they have really allowed us to maintain our active lifestyle and keep fit.

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