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Raising Twins.com is where parents who are expecting twins, or those who already have them, and love them - come for answers and support. This website is a labor of love and is constantly being updated. You can now just visit the twins store to find exactly what you are looking for to prepare for having twins and shop right from our website! To make searching our site simple, visit our Site Map or the Search feature and find exactly what you need.

Join our Twin Community and create your personal page, write a blog, connect with and share stories and advice with other twin moms!

"Congratulations - You're having twins!"If those are the words you heard at the doctor, then you are in the right place.Tell us how you found out it was twins right here on our Pregnant With Twins?page. Find out your Twin Due Date here!!

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Please feel free to add your personal twin story about your twin pregnancy or your experiences with raising twins ! We love to hear from our readers and so do our other parents.

Parenting multiples is an exciting challenge that requires some creative strategies to cope! I know it can feel very overwhelming at times. My name is Kimberley Becker and I am the lucky mom to four amazing kids - the youngest two are fraternal twins- boy and girl, and the inspiration for this website.

This site was designed with you in mind!

Do you have a specific question about raising twins? Anything from twin pregnancy, to labor and delivery with twins, to double temper tantrums ! Visit our question and answer page and ask away!

Want to show off a great twin belly picture ? Share it with us here!

If you have just discovered you are pregnant with two, or you've been a mommy to multiples for a while - this site is designed to be a simple and easy to use resource to help and prepare you for the amazing journey ahead. From shopping for affordable twin baby equipment to handling crazy mealtimes and bath times, parents need to be armed with as much practical information as possible!

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Trust me, if you are pregnant with twins right now - read all you can - if you already have two babies at home- then you KNOW you have NO time to read a book! In case you are an avid reader though, we have compiled the best twin books covering twin pregnancy and parenting twins of all ages here.

What You Will Find Here:

My personal experience and knowledge with twin pregnancy, raising twins, balancing work and family, recommendations and friendly advice , mom-to-mom, girlfriend to girlfriend - created especially for you.

The New Parents Guide - Seal of Approval Everything I wished I knew before hand, and everything I've learned since. I've tried to pull it all together here to make it easier to find all the twin pregnancy information and twin parenting advice you need in one place. Please note that I am not a medical professional so that is not what you will see here . What I am is a mom who has 'been there - done that' and has pulled together tips and hints that will help you navigate through the unique joys and many challenges of raising twins.

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What you can find on our website

Topics such as twin pregnancy nutrition, twin pregnancy, bedrest, breastfeeding twins,important things like signs of preterm labor with twins to watch for and how to prepare yourself for the early months ahead. The changes during the first year with two babies, the craziness of the second year ,double trouble with twin toddlers, handling NICU time with premature twins, twin-proofing your home and potty-training twins - you'll find it all here!

Please spend some time going through the links in the navigation bar on the left or just scroll further down this page, and check out the pages inside, just like you'd read through a book. Take a look at the resources and the freebies pages!

Please feel free to contact me as well . You can sign up for my Twin Talk Blog by right clicking on that little orange button on the left where it says RSS . It will keep you updated on all the new things happening at Raising Twins .I love being the mother of twins! And just for the record - yes, it DOES get easier !

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